1523 Chakming Drive is the address of the Lawton family’s childhood home.  Maya Lawton had raised them there, and it is the only place the siblings had lived all their lives.  It is one story, and the surface level is indistinct.  It contains a family room, kitchen, one bedroom, and a door that leads to the basement.  However, the basement is an expansive network of halls and corridors where Maya Lawton’s halfkind children resided.

In the aftermath of Operation Halfkinds, the house is burned down to the ground by Fenrir Snow and Iris Lawton to help conceal the whereabouts of Iris.

Places of Halfkinds Volume 1: Contact
Cities/Territories: Las Vegas - The Moon - Primm - Seadog - Wolf’s Den

Places: 1523 Chakming Drive - Gonzalez Station - Li Station - Primm-Austen - Primm-Burke - Primm-Phillips - Spades and Diamonds Casino

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