Arrow Ingle
Species Golden Eagle
Age 42
Height/Length 3 ft
Weight 15 lbs
Factions United Species Alliance

Company Manticore

"The most reliable pair of eyes I’ve ever met." - Brock West


Arrow Ingle stands at 3ft and has a wingspan of 8 ft 2 in. He has a brown shade, sharp beak, and hooked talons. He normally wears light armor that still allows flight.


Ingle can reach speeds of 50 mph in the air, and when diving, can go up as high as 170 mph.


Ingle acts as an air scout and offers air support. He often drops bombs and can easily infiltrate enemy compounds due to his size and speed in flight.

Volume 2: HorusEdit

Ingle is part of the surface team along with Brock West, Sol Kimba, and Tatsu Kanji. He is assigned with the important task of applying a scrambler on the HORUS surface entrance that will help Kanji expedite his task. He also drops bombs when Brock and his team battle drones prior to entry.

Once the facility has been cleared, the team splits up. It is at this time Ingle crosses paths with Iris Lawton and Bastion. He chases them through the halls of HORUS and has them cornered, but Iris is able to use her precognitive powers to aid her, and she defeats him when he inadvertently fires his plasma gun into himself.


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