Bo Harada
Species Cow
Age 39
Height/Length 5 ft 7 in
Weight 1145 lbs
Factions None

"The cow’s an underling, but not exactly a bottom feeder. He’s a collection boss, but has the means to get us this inside info." - General Rox


Bo Harada is an average sized cow. He normally dresses in tailor made suits, but has an overall conservative appearance.


Bo Harada is an underling of Two Van Faye, but his charisma and influence has allowed him to gain his own following. Thus, he hears and knows many of the daily occurrences within Fan Zui Bin. He uses this status to double as an informant for the United Species Alliance. His contact is General Rox.

Volume 3: AlphasEdit

Harada is tasked with supplying General Rox information detailing the connection between Two Van Faye and The Collector. He meets with The Alphas who serve as General Rox's surrogate during the meeting in Kusa Eki.

He provides video evidence during Adachi Konoe's capture at the hands of Van Faye's lackeys, Chris Ren and Tian Lau.

In exchange for his help, Harada is granted to enter the Alliance's witness protection program.


  • The surname Harada was influenced by Marvel's Silver Samurai.


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