Colbo Zuma
Species Gorilla
Age 40
Height/Length 6 ft 2 in
Weight 480 lbs
Factions Gorilla Government

Operation Halfkinds Task Force

"The main thing I notice is his very big gun." - Lombardi Lawton


Colbo Zuma stands 6 ft 2 in and weighs 480 lbs.  His posture is that of many gorillas, legs on the floor with arms dragged along.  This is also known as knuckle dragging.  However, he stands fully erect while holding a weapon, as he needs to keep guns off the ground.

He is considered a silverback, but his armor covers this trait.


Colbo is sent to Primm at the behest of the Gorilla Government from instructions of the United Species Alliance.  He is a veteran of the Gorilla Lion Conflict.  He is also an expert on heavy arms, and is Operation Halfkinds’ weapons expert.

He is brash and blunt about his opinion, but he’s also an obedient soldier and a team player.

Volume 1: ContactEdit

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After initial briefings and introductions, Colbo is tasked with Fenrir to search the Primm-Phillips supply depot.  There he establishes a small rivalry like relationship with Fenrir Snow.  When he and Fenrir encounter Lombardi Lawton, he assists Fenrir in eliminating the halfkind.

Colbo, Fenrir, and Erawan Bornoa are then sent to the Gonzalez Station to investigate.  Curtis Lawton reveals his presence, and a battle ensues.  Colbo steps on a small mine, and his foot becomes injured.  Regrettably, Colbo does not have time to lick his wounds, as at the end of the battle, Curtis Lawton’s bomb goes off, and Colbo becomes engulfed in the blast.


Apollo Bradley notes that Colbo and Erawan’s weight prevented them from being pushed away by the force of Curtis Lawton’s explosive.  Thus, this causes them to be swallowed whole by the explosion, leading to their deaths. 


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