Erawan Bornoa
Species Asian Elephant
Age 70
Height/Length (H) 9 ft / (L) 20 ft
Weight 12000 lbs
Factions Royal Elephant Society

Operation Halfkinds Task Force

“You don’t talk much do you?” - Fenrir Snow


Erawan Bornoa stands at about 9 ft tall.  He has tough skin, a long trunk, and tusks.  


Erawan is a member of the Royal Elephant Service which is usually reserved for the most elite military soldiers.  This is an extremely high and rare honor.  Fenrir Snow comments that Erawan is probably the most decorated member of the team.  

Volume 1: ContactEdit

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Erawan is extremely tight lipped, and only utters a few sentences throughout the course of Volume 1.  He has a few exchanges with Simon Trevor after briefings.  Through these exchanges, Trevor develops a strong respect for his colleague.

Sadly, Erawan is present when Curtis Lawton’s bomb demolishes the Gonzalez Station.  He perishes in the blast.  


Erawan suffers a particularly gruesome death, as half of his body was blown apart from top to bottom.


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