Eve Snow
Species Wolf
Age 30 (Age at Death)
Height/Length 4 ft 0 in
Weight 100 lbs
Factions None

"She didn’t care for military operations, family honor, or any of that horseshit. I liked it." - Fenrir Snow


Eve Snow is the late wife of Fenrir. Her maiden name is Endess. She is noticeably smaller and physically weaker than Fenrir. However, she makes it up with a courageous and outgoing attitude. Fenrir sees her as a balance to his own stern and serious attitude.


Eve is described as a smaller wolf with a beautiful coat of fur. Her features are sharper than other wolves, with a slim face and long snout. Her ears are also pointed higher, giving her a fox like appearance.


Even was born as an orphan, and spent much of her childhood in wolf shelters. She eventually pursued education on her own and became a worker at a bank. It is here that she meets Fenrir.

Fenrir admires her because she has had to work for everything in her life. He is attracted to her for what he sees as an opposite attracts situation. While he was given many advantages in his life due to his family's prestige, she was not. He also is warmed by her fun, outgoing personality. The two quickly fall in love and get married.

It is short lived though, because a few years into their marriage, Eve gets sick with an unknown disease plaguing the wolf population. Eve dies from this disease, and it is rumored that the virus was artificially engineered by humans. However, these rumors have no factual basis, but Fenrir grows an animosity towards humans because of it.


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