Falena Snow
Species Wolf
Age 32
Height/Length 4 ft
Weight 140 lbs
Factions Brotherhood of Wolves

“You asked me if we could spend the day in these woods.” - Fang Snow


Falena is a grey wolf of medium size. She is slightly smaller than the average grey wolf. She is lean but not particularly muscular or athletic, due to lack of conditioning and training.


Falena is the daughter of Fang Snow. She grew up adoring her mother and her mother doted on her. She was a sensitive child growing up, different from her mother in many ways. She is not physically gifted, but she is very intelligent. After her mother's death during Operation Horus, Falena was forced to live with distant relatives. However, by that time, her relatives started to abandon the Snow name due to the negative connotation it brought. Falena, on the other hand, was proud of her lineage, and refused to do so. Growing up as an only child with no mother, Falena soon grew rebellious and gained interest in hacking into government databases.


Falena eventually grew up to be a well-adjusted adult. She has a job as a data miner and enjoys it. However, she still yearns to know what happened to her mother, and spends most of her off time hacking into the United Species Alliance databases looking for clues.

Volume 4: NorthEdit

During one of these searches, she stumbles into a report called Operation Alphas belonging to General Rox. The report details the Alpha Project and explains the fates of her mother and uncles. She also learns that her mother became an implant test subject and discovered her transformation into Blackwolf.

Falena becomes disgusted by what she learns and contemplates whistleblowing this information to the Brotherhood of Wolves. The Brotherhood themselves have had a deteriorating relationship with the United Species Alliance, and Falena’s information could lead to an all out war. Falena struggles with the power that comes with such information.

Before Falena can act on it, though, her house is broken into by a human intruder. Falena realizes it is not a burglar, but rather a hit man, and she surmises that she has become a target because of the information she possesses. She quickly downloads the data into an implant within her brain (used for memory retention) and narrowly makes an escape and flees to an undisclosed cabin within the Wolf’s Den, hoping that her pursuer will lose her trail.

Falena prepares a defensive strategy for her hideout, planting mines and traps so that when her pursuer comes, she’ll be ready. Unfortunately, the man proves to be quite indestructible and after a hard fought but one sided battle, Falena is beaten to a pulp and the data has been stolen. Falena has lost her information and remains bruised and broken, but determined to show the world the truth of what happened to the her mother.


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