The Implant Program is a program started by General Rox.


The program was first formed after Operation Horus. After Lionel Changer's data was harvested, the United Species Alliance used his designs for medical and military advances, though the priority was to develop medical biotic implants.

General Rox was given the task of apply the implants for military use. He tasked the only surviving member of HORUS to replicate Changer's work. That human was Mark Allen. Eli Winde was also on hand to supervise.

Allen spent more than a decade working on prototypes, built on top of wolves they found in the wreckage of HORUS. After finally completing his work, they were known as The Alphas.

After the success of The Alphas, Rox formed a small initiative to continue work on his military biotic implants. It was headed by Winde and Allen was granted parole to assist Winde. That program was known as the Implant Program.

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