Joe Waylon
Species Saltwater Crocodile
Age 65
Height/Length 21 ft 4 in
Weight 2010 lbs
Factions United Species Alliance

Company Manticore

"When they’re geared up, crocs look like miniature tanks." - Fenrir Snow


Joe Waylon has tough scales and a wide snout. His scales are rugged and rough. He has powerful jaws that can double as weapons along with the omni-shell he wears. He has a long tail and is large in size.


Waylon's role in Company Manticore is that of a digger. Since part of the plan is to attack underground, Brock West assigns Waylon to figure out how to infiltrate and reach the underground walls of HORUS.

Volume 2: HorusEdit

Waylon and his underground team members (Andy Clipper, Eli Winde) sucessfully penetrate the underground walls and make their way into HORUS. They cripple the security systems for West.

Once inside, the team splits up to patrol. This is when Waylon encounters Fenrir Snow. After a small talk, they open fire on each other. Waylon appears to have the upper hand until Fenrir is able to destroy one of Waylon's explosives while Waylon is possession of it, instantly killing him.


  • Joe Waylon's surname comes from Killer Croc, a Batman villain's first name.


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