Las Vegas
Location Nevada
Species Affiliation None
Population 2.7 Million

Las Vegas is known as one of the most decadent cities in the world.  It is filled with crime, gambling, and prostitution.  Scott Marsden sums it up best in his description:

"They say you can get anything in Las Vegas.  Want to blow your life savings on a game of craps?  Go ahead.  Need a fix?  Just go to any shady corner and you got it.  And you can be sure there’s something that will satisfy you no matter what you’re into.  

It’s not just the gambling, drugs, and sex that cause the chaos, it’s the crowds.  Things get rowdy fast.  That’s what happens when you have all these species mixing in with each other."  

Places of Halfkinds Volume 1: Contact
Cities/Territories: Las Vegas - The Moon - Primm - Seadog - Wolf’s Den

Places: 1523 Chakming Drive - Gonzalez Station - Li Station - Primm-Austen - Primm-Burke - Primm-Phillips - Spades and Diamonds Casino

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