Lombardi Lawton
Species Human-Eagle Hybrid
Age 20
Height/Length 5 ft 10 in
Weight 170 lbs
Factions Lawton Family

"Looks like I didn’t have what it takes." - Lombardi Lawton


Lombardi Lawton’s non human traits are obvious in his appearance.  He has shiny brown feathers, along with a beak and wings as limbs.  His feathers are also oily, which gives him a disheveled look.  There are human fingers extending to the tips of them.  He also has talons on his feet, and his muscles are thick in the thighs but thin on the calves.  He is commonly described as unattractive.


Lombardi grew up as an outcast amongst his family members.  He was often bullied by Tiago Lawton and his followers because of his appearance.  However, instead of fearing them, Tiago’s bullying only motivated Lombardi to fit in more.  He would often try to prove himself to his siblings.  This did little to change Tiago’s behavior towards Lombardi, as even in adulthood, Tiago views Lombardi as a weak link.

Lombardi is also known for sneaking out at night, and is familiar with the geography of Primm.

Volume 1: ContactEdit

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Like the rest of his siblings, Lombardi follows Tiago’s lead after Maya Lawton dies.  During discussion of their first real mission (to gather supplies from a nearby supply depot), Lombardi volunteers, once again trying to assert his usefulness.  Oscar Lawton agrees to his request, but Tiago does not.  After a small argument, Tiago reluctantly allows Lombardi to embark on the mission.

Using information provided by Candy Lawton, Lombardi is able to make his way to the supply depot, only to encounter Fenrir Snow and Colbo Zuma.  After a small battle that leaves Lombardi’s body broken, he is put out of his misery by Fenrir.

It is later revealed that Tiago only agreed to let Lombardi go to the supply depot so that he could use him as a decoy while Ace Lawton gathered supplies.  Lombardi also left the Operation Halfkinds Task Force clues on Tiago's next move, which causes Tiago to note that even in death, Lombardi had found a way to disappoint him.



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