“So you ready for some strange shit?” - Don Leons


Operation Halfkinds is the mission assigned to the Operation Halfkinds Task Force to track and kill the Lawton Family, who were the only known halfkinds in existence at the time.

Events That Took PlaceEdit

Main Article: Plot Summary of Volume 1: Contact


Operation Halfkinds was deemed a sucess, despite the amount of casualities that were suffered.  Fenrir Snow reported to Don Leons that all the halfkinds had been killed, though in reality, he aided Iris Lawton in her escape to the Wolf's Den.

Major Events of the Halfkind Series
Introduced In... 

Volume 1: The Ark Project - The Ark Rebellion - The Event - Gorilla Lion Conflict - Operation Halfkinds

Volume 2: Operation Horus

Volume 3: Alpha Project

Volume 4: Implant Program

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