The Operation Halfkinds Task Force consists of creatures sent to eliminate the Lawton Family.  The team is never given an official name, nor are they ever referenced as the Operation Halfkinds Task Force in the series.  They are supervised by Don Leons.

The team was created by the United Species Alliance.  However, with the exception of Simon Trevor, non of the members are direct Alliance members, they are representatives of their respective governments.  Each member is sent at the behest of their own nations vie the Alliance.


Factions of the Halfkind Series
Major: United Species Alliance - Brotherhood of Wolves - Gorilla Government - High Dog Council - High Human Council

Mentioned/Minor: Amphibious Alliance - Aviation Society - Cheetah Congregation - Chimp Nation - Crocodile Congress - Horned Beast Faction - Lion Authority - Pig Government - Republic of Cats - Royal Elephant Society - Tiger Legion

Teams: Company Manticore - Operation Halfkinds Task Force - The Alphas

Groups: HORUS - Implantus - USASD

Families: Lawton Family - Snow Family - Van Faye Family

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