The Penghou Triad Group is a low level crime syndicate looking for expansion of their empire on the undeveloped moon. By the time of Halfkinds Volume 4: North, they run a low level smuggling and contraband storage there.

Halfkinds Volume 4: ContactEdit

During one of their excavation projects to build a bigger underground storage unit, they almost come in contact with Nyx. This causes Iris Lawton to send Ivy Lawton and the brutes to prevent them from reaching the border. Ivy confronts the group, ambushing them and kills them all, but not without a valiant struggle.


The group the infiltrates Nyx consists of six unnamed pigs, and five unnamed humans.


Characters of Halfkinds Volume 4: North
POV: Ash Han - Don Leons - Falena Snow - General Rox - Iris Lawton - Ivy Lawton - Mark Allen - Maya Lawton - Two Van Faye

Nyx Residents: The Brutes - Lucy

Alliance Members: Eli Winde

Others: Cid Heartily - Penghou Triad Group Cronies - The Collector

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