Location Japan (Fan Zui Bin)
Species Affiliation All Species, Human Minority
Population 15 million

Shogun is a crime city located in the southern tip of former Japan. It is the primary operating base of the Van Faye Family, with Two Van Faye acting as the primary leader. Like most cities in Fan Zui Bin, it is human in minority, but overall, boasts a robust and diverse population. Drugs, prostitution, gambling, are just of the few vices Shogun has to offer.

Places of Halfkinds Volume 3: Alphas
Cities/Territories: Arkady - Fan Zui Bin - Horus Backup Island - Selina - Shogun

Places: Arkady Research Prison - Kusa Eki - Lucy's Base - Van Faye Tower - Hanamura Supply Depot - Narukami Supply Depot - Shirogane Supply Depot

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