Sol Kimba
Species Lion
Age 58
Height/Length 4 ft / 7 ft 7 in
Weight 610 lbs
Factions United Species Alliance

Company Manticore

"He’s usually good at finding the proper gear to handle problems, and with a hefty Alliance budget at his disposal, I’m sure he’s found every effective remedy to whatever will come our way." - Brock West


According to Brock West: "His mane has been chopped off, but he’s still large and frightening to those who don’t know him. He has a small scar above his left eye, a parting gift from a mission he completed long before I met him."


Kimba has a long history of service for both the Lion Authority and the Alliance. He is a weapons expert, and primarily serves as the arms consultant on Company Manticore.

Volume 2: HorusEdit

Kimba supplies the team specialized weapons during Brock's mission. He is a member of the surface level's team and is present with Brock during most of the mission.


Some items Kimba supplies the team:

  • Magnetic mines
  • Bioshields
  • Tunneling Electronic Expanders
  • Sonic Pulse Barriers


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