The Collector
Species  ???
Age  ???
Height/Length  ???
Weight  ???
Factions  ???

"This client is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered, a truly unique individual among the thugs and power hungry tyrants I often deal with." - Two Van Faye


Description via Two Van Faye:

"I couldn’t determine what species The Collector was, but the creature was bipedal, which made me conclude it was human. It wore a large, black cloak that sported a hood. Underneath the cloak was a dark, tough-looking armor that hugged The Collector’s body from head to toe. It was shiny and had a few electronics on it, but overall, it was minimalist in design. The Collector also had on bracers that looked dense and combat boots. The most distinguishable feature, though, was the creature’s mask. There were no eyeholes, nor an opening for a mouth. It was pretty blank, black and smooth, like everything else on its body. However, there was a vine-shaped design on it, etched in white, that stood out. It swirled around and slithered its way on the empty canvas of black, which made the mask entrancing, mesmerizing."

Volume 3: AlphasEdit

The Collector is introduced as a business partner of Two Van Faye. The creature is involved in the trafficking of animals that owe Van Faye credits. Van Faye is unaware of what The Collector does with these creatures, and is frankly unconcerned.

However, Van Faye betrays The Collector, hatching a plan with the United Species Alliance in exchange for amnesty. The Collector is lured into a trap and ambushed by Sai and The Alphas, but is able to successfully kill Sai and Blackwolf. The creature then flees, and Silverwolf pursues The Collector.

The two have one last battle at Hanamura Supply Depot. The Collector is victorious and reveals the true identity of Blackwolf and Silverwolf, as well as her own identity to the reader.

Volume 4: NorthEdit

See information page of her true identity.


The Collector is noted for its synthesized voice a armor, which has several functions on it. The Collector can teleport to any location thanks to teleportation technology embedded in its gear. The Collector's cloak is also absorbent to high damage energy shots.


The Collector is extremely agile and strong. It is capable of performing feats that have dazzled the Alliance and Van Faye alike.

The creature also possess a large amount of telekinetic power, being able to tear walls apart and lift heavy objects for use as projectiles.


Characters of Halfkinds Volume 3: Alphas
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