The Moon
Location Space
Species Affiliation None
Population 20 Million

The Moon has become terraformed by the year 3050.  Humans had started the process of making it a livable habitat before The Ark Rebellion happened.  The project was completed in 2630. 

Though The Moon is terraformed, it is still uncolonized.  There has been delays in dividing up the land between the species, and currently, only a few cities have been established on the moon.

Volume 1: ContactEdit

Because of its status as uncolonized, Tiago Lawton sees it as the perfect place to escape to in order to dodge persecution from the United Species Alliance.  He envisions it as a place where he and his family can live peacefully and untouched.

Places of Halfkinds Volume 1: Contact
Cities/Territories: Las Vegas - The Moon - Primm - Seadog - Wolf’s Den

Places: 1523 Chakming Drive - Gonzalez Station - Li Station - Primm-Austen - Primm-Burke - Primm-Phillips - Spades and Diamonds Casino

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