United Species Alliance
Established 2550
Species Affiliation All
Territory Earth / The Moon

The United Species Alliance is the overseeing government.  They have jurisdiction over all individual species governments, and overrule them in civic and military members.  They have three branches, a law branch, a science branch, and a military branch.


The United Species Alliance was formed shortly after the negotiations of The Ark Rebellion.  Once each individual species had formed their own government, the consensus was a united government was needed to sanction and moderate the individual species in order to keep each government in check with another.

Since the formation of the Alliance, they have been heavily involved in policing policies and send out tasks force to facilitate global and domestic disputes.  The Alliance has grown to the most powerful entity on Earth, dwarfing the individual governments that had created the Alliance in the first place.


Primary MembersEdit

Junior MembersEdit

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