After years of searching, General Rox has finally found his targets. The halfkind species approaches its dusk as Roxʼs final assault launches.

Leading the mission is a man notorious for his power andruthlessness. He is a familiar foe for the halfkinds and will stop atnothing to get the job done.

His crew is comprised of long time soldiers, hardened anddisciplined. However, one has a dark secret. Her name is Valkyrie Grey, and her hidden agenda may be the only hope the halfkinds have left.

The beginning of the end nears.

Plot SummaryEdit

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Characters of Halfkinds Volume 5: Grey
POV: Ash Han - Bill John - Brock West - General Rox - Iris Lawton - Isla Lawton - Ivy Lawton - Izzy Lawton - Valkyrie Grey

Nyx Residents: Charles - Elizabeth - Gabriel

Company Manticore II: Arnold Lieu - Clay Hartano - Grodd Arbock - Molly Barnes - Sol Kimba

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Cities/Territories: The Moon - Nyx
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Groups: HORUS - Implantus - USASD

Families: Lawton Family - Snow Family - Van Faye Family

Major Events of the Halfkind Series
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Volume 1: The Ark Project - The Ark Rebellion - The Event - Gorilla Lion Conflict - Operation Halfkinds

Volume 2: Operation Horus

Volume 3: Alpha Project

Volume 4: Implant Program

Terms of the Halfkind Series
Tech: Genetic Targeting System - Implant - Insta-item - Personal Porter - Synconium

Service: Supply Depot - Teleportation Stations

Weaponry: Bioshield - Mellyst Cloud - Yari