General Tito Rox
Species Human-Dog Hybrid
Age 33
Height/Length 5 ft 5 in
Weight 185 lbs
Factions HORUS

"My lab technicians wanted to call him Subject Zero, but I added some flair to it." - Lionel Changer


Zorro is a dog human hybrid. He has human hands and legs, and is stocky and overweight due to years on the hoverchair. He also has a coat of spotted black and white fur over his body. He has a small snout protruding from his face. Compared to the other hybrids, his human and dog features do not blend in as well. This is most likely due to him being the first subject ever.


Zorro appears much older than the other hybrids at HORUS due to him being the prototype hybrid. He was Lionel Changer's first creation, mothered by Isabella Starla, thus the birthing process had not been perfected yet. He ages at a much more rapid pace than the others. He does not appear to have any abilities, thus Changer considers him to be useless.

His fur is shaggy and rough, and wrinkles can be seen through them. He is also frail and fragile, thus he can only use a hoverchair for movement.


Zorro is friendly, taking the role of the elder statesmen among the hybrids at HORUS. He is interested in gossip, and has the most experience of any hybrids. He enjoys his accommodations at HORUS, but is weary of their goals and plans. He especially does not trust Lucy or Bastion, being those two are Changer's confidants.

Volume 2: HorusEdit

Iris Lawton first meets Zorro when she is left to the communal room. He and her have a friendly rapport, and he explains how life is like for a hybrid in HORUS. He warns Iris of HORUS's intentions, and tells her to be careful around Lucy.

Sadly for Zorro, when Operation Horus begins, Brock West and his team sweep up the facility, killing any personnel inside. This includes Zorro. Iris mourns for the loss of her new friend.


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